The Miracle of Snowflakes, Sand and You

  In our modern times, many people feel unimportant, overlooked and unnecessary. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Each of us is a miracle and each of us, like a snowflake or a grain of sand is necessary to make up the whole of this life.  Being different is what makes our world beautiful. From a distance, the expansiveness of a beach can overlook the fact that millions of grains of sand, each different, come together to line the edges and floor of the sea. Looking up at a white-capped peak, the summit may appear uniform, as if painted, but that whiteness is comprised of millions of small crystalline flakes of ice, each different from the next. From space, Earth appears to be an exquisite blue marble, yet, if we focus in our perspective, we eventually see that it is made up of oceans, continents, rivers, lakes, valleys, plains, cities, towns, villages, forests, woodlands, meadows and millions of creatures and people. Each and every one is unique, mysterious and important. Each

Repost from 2017

By Vuvueffino (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons This was first posted here on December 2017. With all that is happing in the world, I thought it was worth reposting. Yesterday was such a lovely day...snow falling, peace-filled moments with my loved ones and joy-filled conversations. But... Once our sacred celebrations are over, w hat happens?   When the stable is empty, the candles are burned down, or the fire is gone cold, what do we do?  Do we simply return to our lives as before?  Or, do we take something from whatever practice we follow to begin anew in the new year?  Do we release the pain and sorrow of the past so that we might travel lightly and with strength into the future, believing that we ARE the change we have been waiting for all this tim e?   The following was written by Rev. Howard Thurman.  I first posted this back in 2012, but I think it bears repeating. The message in this poem is universal and we need to consider it more today than ever before. Work of


  News Flash: Dateline, Massachusetts November 5, 2022 Happiness Isn't Found in Other People or Things! Contrary to popular believe, happiness is not found in others. Happiness is found within make your own! Money can't buy you happiness. People can't make you happy. Additionally, happiness is not something that last every minute of the day, yet people who ARE happy can find joy in the most unlikely places and times. The first step to being happy is to be in relationships that honor and cherish WHO YOU ARE. Not relationships that try to make you into something else.  Relationships of any kind that hurt you physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally steal your happiness. GET OUT OF THEM. Some people believe that as long as someone doesn't hit you, then you are not abused. This just isn't true! Mental, spiritual and emotional abuse bruises the mind, tears your soul apart and batters your emotions. Examples of invisible abuse are:  not being able t

Gratitude Found in Abundance

  When my daughter gave me the hanging strawberry plant for Mother's Day, I wasn't expecting to see many strawberries. However, as the days warmed and more blossoms appeared, we had the sweetest, tiniest strawberries you could imagine. June and July were filled with a daily crop of two to four berries - bright red and teaming with deliciousness. This got me thinking of how something so small could be so abundant, which took me into a meditation of all the small, tiny, wee treasures that surround our lives, daily.  How grateful I am for the hummingbirds that come to our feeder. Symbols of joy, they never cease to delight me. The cricket's song is another pleasure that fills my heart and soul with elation. The minute forget-me-nots must be added to my list of small wonders. Bluer than as summer sky, they always remind me of my mother. My list could go on ad infinitum.  As summer begins to wane, I will look for other gifts of abundance in my life to acknowledge, admire and app

When My Heart Breaks

  What is it about humans that we can be the very best when things are horrible? The posts on social media have shown so many brave, tenacious, compassionate people...ordinary people...doing extraordinary things.   In the midst of war, people who just weeks ago were living ordinary lives, are now facing horrors no one should ever have to face. Yet, these same people can find hope in simple things...carriages left on a train platform for mother's escaping the bombings...babies born in train tunnels...grandmothers handing out sunflower seeds to soldiers who have invaded their homes and lives with the message, "Put these in your pocket, so that something good will come of your death." One thing is for sure, I will never look at a sunflower again without thinking of the courage the Ukrainian people are showing the world. I will never look at the yellow and blue colors of their flag without seeing the Babushka's sitting in their colorful scarves while behind them bombs dro

The Need for Balance

  During these days of upheaval, turmoil and fear, we need more than ever a strong core - physically, mentally and spiritually.  When we are in balance, when our "core strength" is strong, we are better able to deal with whatever problems arise before us.  I was recently honored to be a guest on my daughter's podcast talking about this.  I pray that as you listen, you will find something that will inspire, inform or enlighten you.  Blessings to all. (Click the link below to listen to Strengthening Your Spiritual Health: The One Percent Better Show)

Sow Peace

Long ago, I was taught about mindfulness - to be aware of what is around me, who is with me, the sounds, the smells and the feelings of things and my response to them. Being "in the moment" is not a state of being that I can maintain always, but I am getting better at being there more often.    Sitting on the patio on a cold, clear, sunny morning, I was mindful of the perfection of that moment in time. Tears of gratitude ran down my cheeks.  Not more than a few minutes later, I read about the fear of war halfway around the world. My spirit instantly filled with the panic my students feel, who still have family and loved ones in harms way. My heart ached for those who I know and love who are military members and their families, now facing the greatest anxiety humans face. My mind raced as I tried to make sense of why humans cannot see that aggression, oppression, greed, and thirst for power is not only wrong, they are deadly - not just to the victims, but to those who perpetra