Brought Together

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."  - Vincent Van Gogh
Inspiration comes from some of the most unusual places. Little did I know that watching an old 1940's, black and white film would inspire today's post, but Passport to Pimlicodid just that. This quaint comedy tells the story of a neighborhood in London that suddenly finds itself in an international dispute that leads to the isolation of the neighborhood as a foreign domain.  The good people of the neighborhood must band together to keep their sovereignty. The intrepid community quickly realizes that while they can survive many of the ills that befall them, they cannot survive alone. This lesson, I believe, speaks loudly to all of us in the US, now. We are part of the world community. We cannot isolate ourselves from that community, nor our responsibilities to that community.  For better or worse, we are all in this together - each person, family, village, city, state, principality, and na…

To Dream the Impossible Dream

I was about ten the first time I saw this painting of Picasso, which led to the reading of Don Quiote by Cervantes. Two years later, The Man of La Mancha, hit the Broadway stage with its iconic song, "Impossible Dream."  So began my call to ministry. (To minister is to serve.) Allow me to explain.

In 1963, a month before my 10th birthday, I sat in front of our black and white TV and listened to the young minister, Martin Luther King, Jr. give the now famous,I Have a Dream speech. At that moment, with tears running down my face, I made a committment to serve, to minister, to teach others about Love and Peace and Forgiveness. I wasn't sure how this would happen, but I had trust that, given this epiphany, I would be given the tools to move forward.
The moment I heard, "Impossible Dream," it became one of my favorite songs. As a tween, I would sing it with all the passion of youth and innocence. The words of the song, "This…