Taking Time to Retreat

This weekend, I went on retreat with fellow clergy. As we were sitting in the closing circle this morning, I realized how much I had needed this time away.

A retreat is a time to reflect, to rejuvenate and to re-examine our lives. To be able to retreat is essential to self-care. Retreating in this sense is not cowardly, but rather a very brave and rewarding thing to do.

If you have never been on a retreat, I highly recommend it. Many of the old religious centers have now been transformed into retreat centers. Many offer interfaith retreats, so you don't have to belong to any particular faith path. (One thing - retreat centers are not luxury spas, so don't expect that. These are places where you go to feed your soul. The accommodations are lovely, clean and they do their best to accommodate specific needs of the guests.)

I can't describe how wonderful it was to reconnect with my colleagues, nor how peaceful I feel. What a joy to come home feeling refreshed! 

Remember, to retrea…

All Poetry, Continued

Yesterday, my post was interrupted by the need to attend to family. As I drove the 3 hours to be with my daughter as she gave birth, I prayed. 

As I prayed, I thought about the tile from Ireland, sent by my friend, Jeanne.  I thought of the tile that sits beside my desk, where I can see it, daily. I thought of the tile that had me chewing on words and meanings.

All poetry is prayer, Beckett wrote. Were my prayers poetry? As I drove through the rain to Maine, were the prayers I said poetry?

be with my daughter
until I can stand by her side.
Momma, be with her -
let her feel your presence -
Calm any fears she may have.
Dear Jesus,
guide me to the hospital safely.
Thank you, God for all my blessings.

Poetry, by definition, is a "rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts; verse."  My thoughts were definitely elevated!  Given that, they were a form of poetry.

But, what of the meaning of prayer? Do prayer and poetr…