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Be at Peace - Live Brave

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As we sat watching the series, Eli Stone, a story of a young lawyer who discovers he is a prophet for his time, I was touched by the wisdom the writers of the show wove into the plot.  I was also amazed at how pertinent the lessons of the episodes were to this moment in time.

At one point, Eli's boss states, "In business, there is still room for humanity.  Capitalism without mercy is tantamount to evil."  The boss then goes on to shake things up by turning the huge legal firm into a pro bono firm fighting for the underdogs.

One could morph this quote into, "In politics, there is still room for humanity.  Democracy without mercy is tantamount to evil."  

As a nation, as a society, and individually, we must reconnect with our humanity.  We are all in this together.  We are all connected, one to the other. 

The dictionary definition of mercy is, "compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's p…

The Power of Love

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The days ahead look to be darker and gloomier than ever.  How do we maintain our hope that things will be better? 
For me, it is the simple act of continuing to sow seeds of loving-kindness and peace, regardless.  The power of Love is greater than all the hate in all the world.  The power of Love is seen in the seed that lands on concrete and works its way into a crack in order to push up into a beautiful flower.  
I don't profess to know much, but what I do know is this: Faith, Hope and Love are powerful virtues.The only constant in life is change.I am responsible for my own happiness.What is put out into the world, comes back to us.Offering prayers, meditations, energy and thoughts for healing and peace in our country and the world.  May the days ahead be brighter. May the seeds we sow create a garden of Love and Peace. Namaste!

Prayer for the United States

As this Presidential Election comes to its finality, let us pray:

May We the People follow the examples of those who created this great land of Liberty and Justice for all.  May we continue the tradition of sharing our bounty with those in need. And, may our privilege never cause us to lose sight of our responsibilities to Freedom.  Amen, Blessed Be, Aho!