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Thanks Giving - Now That the Turkey Is Gone

One thing that I dislike about greeting card holidays is that the commercialism of them creates the idea that this is a "one day only" event.  Not true!  
Take Thanksgiving, for instance.  Everyday should be a day of giving thanks. When we are grateful for what we have, we become satisfied; thereby, we are content with our lives.  Consequently, when we forget to be grateful, we are constantly in a whirlwind of want. 
Giving thanks is as important today, as it was on Thursday of last week. The challenge is to stay mindful throughout the days ahead - past the winter holidays, past Valentine's Day, past the spring, summer and fall days that whiz past until we gather once more for Thanksgiving 2018.
May we all attempt to keep Thanks Giving as an intricate part of our daily lives. May we begin each day grateful for a new 24 hours to fill with love and kindness. May we retire to our beds with words of gratitude whispering from our lips for the day past. May we begin to see the ma…

Daily Gratitude

One of the problems many relationships have is that, sooner or later, the partners begin to take each other for granted. Why? From my 60-plus years of observation, it comes down to a lack of gratitude. Let me give you an example.

Partner A helps Partner B, who has worked all day, by folding the laundry and putting it away, a task Partner B usually handles. Partner B, doesn't notice that the laundry is done until there is a need for a clean towel, which isn't where he/she would store it. Then, they make a big deal out of the fact that the towel isn't where it should be. This completely deflates Partner A, who thought he/she was doing something loving.

Being grateful isn't difficult, nor is it something that has be done extravagantly. A simple, kindly said, "Thank you, so much. How nice of you," can go a long way to making a person feel appreciated. This is true with any relationship - spouses, partners, parents/children or friends and colleagues. Being mindful o…

Gratitude in the Face of Despair

Photo (c) 2017 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas
The question came as an honest request to know, not as a quick response to what had been said. "How do you always seem to find the silver lining?" 

I stood, looking deeply into the eyes of my friend. Until now, I had not thought about it. 

A host of questions to myself ran through my brain in nano-seconds. Do I always find a silver lining? How DO I do that? Why do I do it? 

Taking a deep breath, I tried to explain. 

When things get tough, it makes me appreciate - be grateful - for the times when things went well. This in turn helps give me hope and reminds me that change is the only constant in life.  That being said, I know that as bad as things get, they can and will change.

When things get tough, I may fall into the pit of despair, but I climb out again. I pray, meditate, sing, dance, and create. Each act lifts me higher, until I am no longer sad, angry or fearful. Each step forward brings me closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.