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Resolutions that Give Back

How often have you made a New Year's resolution only to have all your resolve crumble before the end the year?  You are not alone!

Many years ago, I realized the futility of resolving to lose weight, stop eating sweets, not swearing, etc.  An off-hand comment led me to a new way of looking at resolutions. "Why can't we ever have resolutions that work?"

Why, indeed!  I pondered, meditated and chewed on this for days.  Then, on waking one morning, the answer greeted me.  Resolve to do things that you can succeed at, that give back to you and others, that are doable!

That first year, I resolved to find something for which to be grateful, weekly, if not daily.  Not only did I get to the end of the year with a very clear idea of all my blessings, I ended the year feeling so good about myself and the world around me!

This past year, my word was JOY.  I looked for joy, daily.  No surprise, I found it, even on the worse, most difficult days. Take for instance the storm pictured …

The Light Returns...What's Next?

Sunrise (c) L. M. R. Neas 2014 Last year, I asked the question, "What happens once the stable is empty?"This year, the same question from another point of view...Now that the Light has returned, what next?

During this season of Light, Love and Peace, many spiritual traditions celebrate the return of Light to the world.  For Pagans, this is seen in the return of the Sun - the days get longer after the Winter Solstice.  For Christians, this is seen in Jesus' birth; he is the Light of the World.

Regardless of how this image of Light returning to a dark world is seen, what we do once the Light has returned makes all the difference.

Do we stand in the Light, basking in the rays of warmth and filling our spirits with joy, love and peace?  Or, do we find the darkest corner we can to hide?  Do we call others to share the Light?  Or, do we act as if the Light has always been there?

The Cherokee have a story of how the people were unsatisfied with day and night. So they asked Eagle to…

Season of Love, Light and Peace

"A picture is worth a thousand words."  This old adage rings true, so rather than words, here are pictures that speak of this Season of Love, Light and matter how you celebrate it.  Blessings!




Carols from Around the World

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First American Christmas Carol was written by Fr. John de Brébeuf, a Jesuit priest who worked among the Huron Indians
The Huron Carolby Fr. de Brébeuf
Twas in the moon of wintertime When all the birds had fled, That mighty Gitchi Manitou Sent angel choirs instead; Before their light the stars grew dim, And wond'ring hunters heard the hymn: Jesus, your King is born, Jesus is born, In excelsis gloria.
O, harken to the angels' word, Do not decline To heed the message which you heard: The Child Divine, As they proclaim, has come this morn Of Mary pure. Let us adore. Jesus is born, In excelsis gloria.
Within a lodge of broken bark The tender Babe was found, A ragged robe of rabbit skin Enwrapp'd His beauty 'round; But as the hunter braves drew nigh, The angel song rang loud and high: Jesus, your King is born, Jesus is born, In excelsis gloria.
The earliest moon of wintertime Is not so round and fair As was the ring of glory on The helpless infant there. The chiefs from far before Him kn…