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Light One Candle

Georg Flegel [Public domain],  via Wikimedia Commons
We find ourselves in the seasons celebrating harvest, remembrance and light. Each faith tradition or spiritual path has celebrations or observances during the months of October, November and December.  These are the dark months, the months where we in the northern hemisphere prepare for winter.  These are the months of harvest and of remembering that at some point in this life, our "light" will cease to shine.  We will return to the Creator. And, so, we remember those who have gone ahead, praying that they have found eternal Light.  We pray that we will meet again, when our time comes.  We give thanks for what we have been given and pray that it will sustain us until the days are long once more.
So, as we pass through these dark months, let us light a candle and pray -
Creator, great Harvester of Light and Love, hear us as we prepare for the darkened days, hear us as we light our way through the cold and black of night, hear us a…