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We Are But One Thread


When It's Darkest - Find the Love Light

Life is not always sunshine and roses.  One day a year doesn't erase years of pain and anguish. Sometimes, things are so dark that one feels there is no end in sight. BUT -
There is always Light, just as there is always darkness.  One cannot exist without the other.  In the midst of pain, finding the Light can seem insurmountable.  However, when we gather our strength, when we hang on to what little hope we can find, suddenly we see it...the Light at the end of the tunnel.  Cautiously, we stumble forward, not sure what awaits us. Until we are there, basking in the Light.
As the storm clouds dissipate, as night turns into day, so too the dark times of life open us to the Light of Love.  If I had never been in that darkness, I would never have appreciated, let alone recognized the Love Light that shines around me, now.
May the Light of Love surround and bless all who read this, today and every day.  Namasté!

Photo Credit: By Sandro Kharazashvili via Wikimedia Commons