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Being the Light

There are several quotes that I read often that speak of "The Light."  The first is, "There are two ways of spreading the Light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it," from Edith Wharton. This quote always reminds me that I can share my Light with others or I can reflect their Light back to them or into the world.

Then, from one of my heroes, Desmond Tutu, who Lights up any room he enters, there is, "Hope is being able to see the Light despite of all the darkness." This quote calls me to remember that the Sun always shines, even when the sky is cloudy.  In other words, I am not alone, the darkness of the moment will pass AND the Light will shine once more.

Finally, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross has always inspired me with, "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed, only if there is a light from within." Our inner Light is what get us through…

Saying Farewell to Marcus Borg

Dr. Marcus Borg
Back when I was in seminary, I read a book that touched me deeply.  Meeting Jesus Again for the First Timeby Marcus Borg was suggested reading.  I chose it because the title intrigued me. Little did I know that it would lead me to one of the most brilliant minds in theology of our time...Marcus Borg.

Dr. Borg's book was written, not in academic speak, but from the heart.  As I read, I felt I was having a long talk with a very wise friend.  Meeting Jesus led me to The God We Never Knewand numerous videos, websites and articles that have informed my understanding and affirmed my knowing of the Divine.  

One of the best video series I have watched on things theological was Eclipsing the Empire - Dr. Borg's journey through the lands in which the Apostle Paul traveled. He and Dr. Dominic Crossan make the sacred places of ancient times come alive.

When I woke today, the headlines announced Dr. Borg's return to Creator after a long battle with lung disease.  I was bot…

Family Prayers

A popular song in my family of four daughters is "We Are Family." In one of my English as a second language classes, my multi-national students adopted the song to express their delight in finding friendship in other women whose cultures were so different, yet so similar to their own.

We ARE family!  Therefore, when one of the members of the family is in pain, or trouble, or is hurt, we all feel for them.  

Over the past year, too often, we have been faced with images and stories of members of the human family who are suffering in unimaginable ways.  As in any family, there are times when we are helpless to change the suffering.  But, we can do something...we can pray.  

I know from my own life that prayer works.  Prayer changes situations that at first seemed impossible.  One thing to remember, though.  Prayer always gets answered, but not always the way WE want.  So, we much carefully form our intentions and when we pray, do it selflessly...not what we want, but what would be…