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Joy-filled Thanks

Tonight, as I was preparing for our traditional feast, the thought came to me that I wasn't quite as joy-filled as I could be.  Hmmm, I pondered, what was the matter with me?

On Sunday last, I co-officiated at an Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration which I also organized.  The theme was Joy-filled Thanks.  I started thinking about what we had said during our service and realized it was time to walk the walk!

So, I sat down and began to take stalk of all that I had to be grateful for as well as why this should bring me limitless joy.  Within seconds, I had a smile on my face, spring in my step and a jaunty tune running through my head. 

"Give thanks as joyfully as if you were the person receiving!"  Someone in my life said this to me, but for the life of me, I can't remember who that wise someone was.  No matter. The idea has stuck and now I am sharing it with all of you. 

Giving is a blessing to both the giver and the receiver, both with great joy!

May we all have…

Many Hats

Photo Credit: Google Public Domain Images

In this life, we all wear many hats. Sometimes, it is difficult to juggle the hats we wear and stay on center.  Parents have this problem.  They are parents as well as children; they work; they are active in their communities; they are friends, relatives, neighbors.  Each connection requires different hats...sometimes more than one hat at the same time!

Of late, I have had my poet's hat on as I have been supporting the work of The Center for New Americans, a non-profit organization that "provides the under-served immigrant, refugee and migrant communities of Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley with education and resources to learn English, become involved community members and obtain tools necessary to maintain economic independence and stability." 

As a poet, I am writing 30 Poems in November.People sponsor me, much like they do in a race to raise funds for an organization.  So far, I am about 1/4 of the way to my goal.  I am praying…