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When the Days Blur Together

For whatever reason, I have been under the misguided impression that today was Saturday.  Consequently, my usual early morning missive was not posted for you all.  But, perhaps this is what Spirit wanted after all.  Perhaps, I was meant to post late at night.  

Today, the sun was out for the first time in over a week. So, thinking it was Saturday, I attacked the gardens, weeding and trimming to my heart's content. While I worked, I thanked God for my gardens, for my dear Roger working alongside me and for the gorgeous day, resplendent in shades of green and bird song. 

When I finally stopped, it was late afternoon and we hadn't lunched, yet. So, after a quick clean up, we sat and ate, resting for a bit. 

At close to 6 pm, I suddenly realized it was Sunday.  Yikes, I thought, I must be getting old!

However, after talking to my granddaughter on Skype, (she and her Mom usually call me on Sunday evening) I realized that I had spent a lovely Sabbath, totally immersed in creation and wi…

Come to the Circle

Franz Stuck [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
COME TO THE CIRCLE by Linda M. Rhinehart Neas
Mother, You rock to a lullaby beat.   Nurturing, loving,   Guardian Angel to those   Whose tiny hands leave prints upon your heart. Come to the Circle.
Woman, You stiletto march your route.   Scorned, abused,   Necessary evil to those   Whose eyes see not your soul. Come to the Circle.
Daughter, You run headlong into Life.   Laughing, singing,   Radiant hope to those   Whose hands guided you along the path. Come to the Circle.
Woman, You climb the corporate ladder.   Aggressive, determined,   Amazon warrior to those   Whose fears scorn the beauty of your mind. Come to the Circle.
Grandma, You sit in aging silence.   Feeble, forgotten,   An empty shell to those   Whose lives fail to witness your wisdom. Come to the Circle.
Woman, You stand strong against time.   Respected, honored,   Venerable sage to those   Whose beings seek guidance in your judgement. Come to the Circle.
Sister, You skip around the rosy.…