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Suicide Prevention

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In the past 48 hours, I have read of 2 suicides, an attempted suicide and multiple post on suicide prevention and hotlines.  (1-800-273-8255) Those who are suicidal feel alone and desperate. They have lost all sense of hope. However, those around them can help.

There are several common assumptions about suicide. Learn the facts. Here are a few:

Assumption - People assume that suicide happens suddenly with no warning; however,(FACT)hindsight has taught us that most people either blatantly or subtly give warning of their hopelessness.Assumption - Thanksgiving and Christmas are when most suicides occur. (FACT) Actually, more suicides occur in the spring season. Assumption - Most suicides are by people of minority groups and lower socioeconomic classes. (FACT) Don't fool yourself, suicide can be found in every culture, subculture, race, religion, and socioeconomic class.There are many risk factors in suicides.  Learn them. Among the …

Reach Back

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"Our greatness has always come from people who expect nothing and take nothing for granted - folks who work hard for what they have, then reach back and help others after them." ~ Michelle Obama

This weekend, we celebrated the life of one of the elders of our community. What a beautiful celebration it was! People from near and far, who knew and loved our neighbor and friend, Les Thomas, came to share stories filled with joy, love, compassion, and wisdom.

Les was full of wisdom, but not the kind many think of - the old sage sitting with followers thirsting for a drop of insight. No, his was the wisdom of a life well lived, full of humility and compassion.

This dear man left us a legacy far greater than all the riches of the world. He left us with examples, many of which we shared at his memorial, of how to serve others; thereby, making the world a much better place. 

As I said, Les was humble. He didn't go around telling everyone that he…

One with Spirit

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As I sat this morning meditating on what today's message would be, a dove landed outside the window, cooing softly. For me, this was a visible sign that Spirit, most often portrayed as a dove, was with me. Instantly, I realized this was my message.

When I attended parochial school as a young girl, I was taught about Spirit, or more correctly The Holy Spirit. We were told that when we became one with Spirit, we were given gifts that would help us live well and serve others. These gifts, or charisms, are: teaching, serving, words of wisdom, giving, leadership, mercy and prophecy.

In the world today, we are in sore need of these gifts. Looking at this through an interfaith/inter-spiritual lens, we can find many people, who have been graced with Spirit, who are diligently working to bring all humanity together in peaceful co-existence with all life on this planet. 
Those who do the work of Peace are one in Spirit.

When we are one with Spirit, we have the stre…


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Pope Francis once again caught the ears of the world's journalists this week when he spoke about the problem of panhandlers in Italy. In an interview he gave in Milan, he said, "There are many excuses" for not giving.  "But giving something to someone in need 'is always right,' and it should be done with respect and compassion, because 'tossing money and not looking in (their) eyes is not a Christian' way of behaving."

Around the globe, Christians have begun the observance of Lent, which is a time of sacrifice and penance prior to the Easter Sunday celebration. Many people give up bad habits, or try to; others do Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy. What Pope Francis is calling followers to do is to ask themselves under what conditions are they doing these acts.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus speaks to his followers, answering their questions on many subjects. He tells them that if they playact when givi…