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When Darkness Falls

Once again, the news that flashes across the world in nanoseconds reports of innocent lives lost by someone whose heart is so full of hate that they no longer see others as human. Once again, the debates, the political meanderings, the promises to create change that never happen are front page news. Once again, candles are lit, flowers are brought, hymns are sung. Once again, our nation weeps collectively, as families mourn separately and together.

Today, I heard over and over again, my colleagues and friends say, "I don't know what to do any more." Despair creeps stealth-fully into our lives. We feel lost.

At times like these, I turn to that which brings me, poetry, prose, art. I spend time creating things for those I love. I garden, walk through the woods, go to the beach.  Hope is ALWAYS present. Hope is that small glimmer of Light at the very edge of the darkness that reminds us not to give up.

One of my most favorite prayers for times like this - and favor…

Be an Example

We have all be told at some point in our lives to "lead by example." We don't have to proselytize, or yell and holler. We simply live the way we know is best and others will see our example.

In the photo above, the use of a hand-push lawn mower seems right out of the 50's, but it is last week. We use it because we want to do everything we can to save our planet and keep healthy in our old age. 
What a delight when one of our neighbors down the road suddenly appeared pushing a brand new one! 

In our contentious political climate, where politicians on both sides of the aisle have lost their ability to lead with truth and justice, let us remember that what we do and how we do it can impact other's lives.  We need to demonstrate to the world, as well as each other, that people still believe in justice, kindness, responsibility and truth. We must shine brightly into the darkness of growing hate, intolerance, despair, and lies. 

Leading by example does not mean you need to…

The Wisdom and Folly of Silence

Photo Credit: (c) 2018 LMRNeas
I love the early morning when the sun is barely up and the world around me is still sleeping. The quiet rings in my ears, which I suppose means there isn't quiet, but the daily sounds of cars, planes, motors of all sorts and the chatter of people is not present. During this time of day, I can gather my thoughts in prayer, in meditation and for writing.
There are so many words of wisdom that center around silence, that it must be very important. For example: Silence is golden. - ProverbYour silence will not protect you. - Audre Lorde Silence is the speech of love, The music of the spheres above. -Richard Henry StoddardSilence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. - RumiHowever, silence can also be a folly. When there is injustice, silence is a form of complicity. When there is abuse, oppression, or cruelty, silence perpetuates the offence. 
"For everything there is a season." How true!  There is a time for silence - for instance,…

Taking a Fast from Social Media

Photo: (c) 2018 LMRNeas
Inspired by my daughter, I took a social media fast this week. I have to admit, while I thought it would be difficult to stay away from Facebook and Instagram, it wasn't. In fact, I found it surprisingly easy, once I set my mind to it.
After the week was over, (I fasted from Sunday to Saturday) I wondered if it had done anything for me. Here's what I learned.  I slept better.  Solid uninterrupted 7 hours!I was less anxious and sad.I could think clearer. (For a writer/teacher, this is SO important!)As I am prone to do, I researched to see if anyone else found this to be true. Sure enough, there are hundreds of articles about the benefits of fasting from social media.  Mainly, they all say the same things.  Staying off social media enables you to connect with reality...pure and simple! I have often written about staying away from the news, especially if one has any type of anxiety issues. The constant barrage of negativity feeds anxiety and creates more probl…

Wisdom of the Indigenous Elders

"Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence." -- Christal Quintasket - Salish

The elders of the indigenous nations have been telling the world for hundreds of years that there would be a time when their wisdom would be needed. This time would come after many years of people ignoring and/or silencing the wise women and men (shamans, medicine people, gurus, prophets, lamas, grandmothers, grandfathers and all other spiritual people) around the world, who warned that not honoring Mother Earth would lead to dire results.

Now, the elders are coming together in venues large and small across all the continents. They are sharing their wisdom; sharing their rituals and sharing their culture. For many indigenous people, this is the fulfillment of prophecy that told how the Native People would save Mother Earth as well as the four-legged, finned, winged and crawling ones. 

Once, I was told I …