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What It Means When Love Wins

The word "love" is bandied about these days. I think few people really stop to think about what the word, in all its incarnations really means.  

If we look at what Webster's Dictionary has to say, we will find more definitions in both noun and verb form than we can imagine! (Click here to find out!)

The Love that I want to talk about today is the unconditonal kind that sees into the soul of a person and honors, celebrates and cherishes that person regardless of any of the boxes that they may or may not fit into at any given time.  Unconditional Love means work; it means mindful thinking; it means see past what makes us uncomfortable.  Unconditional Love means that we willingly move past our comfort zones into that place where possibility lives...where we just might find a friend for a lifetime...where, instead of "the other," we find "us."

The Supreme Court has set the United States on a path towards great possibility.  There will be bumps, I am sure.  …

Prayer for the Fathers

By Andrés Nieto Porras 
from Palma de Mallorca, España 
via Wikimedia Commons

Holy Source of All, bless those who struggle to raise their children in the world of technology and mindlessness. Help those men known as Dad, Papa, Daddy, Pa, to find those precious moments to hold their children, to teach their children, to love their children, as you love all that is - beyond measure, without conditions. When they are tired, bless them with the strength to listen to the adventures of childhood days. When they are worried, bless them with wisdom to know how to let go of their cares. When they are frustrated, bless them with patience to understand the cause of their frustrations, so that they do not lash out at their children. Blessed Parent, shower the fathers of this world in grace so that they will shine as examples of Your Love  for their children and the world.

Prayer to End the Insanity

By Marcusmoseley (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons

Blessed, Holy Source of All,
once again we are shocked by the violence -
senseless violence.
Once again, we call to you to mend our broken hearts -
our broken lives.
Once again, we search our beings for hope - 
for forgiveness.

Blessed One, 
help us to look at the true cause for this insanity.
Help us to see into the heart of such unspeakable evil.
Help us to face the demons of our making and stop 
that which seem unstoppable.

Holy Parent,
teach us to stand against those in power that refuse to make the changes needed.
Teach us to stand strong against those who live in hate with the world.
Teach us to stand in loving-kindness, even when all around us run away.

Great Spirit,
hold those in South Carolina close to your Heart.
Hold those who have suffered from hate and violence in your Love.
And, hold us all in your Grace so that we can do what needs to be done 
to end this insanity.

Amen, Blessed be, Aho

The Gift of Presence

Photo Credit: via Wikimedia Commons One of the greatest gifts we can give others costs nothing, yet is richer than a king's ransom.  The Gift of Presence is priceless. In today's ultra busy world in which we are constantly barraged by media and technology, the ability to disconnect from all the "stuff," the ability to take a moment to actively listen or hold a hand is most precious.  The Gift of Presence isn't about fixing problems or changing others, but simply to just "be" with someone.   This week, as you go about your daily tasks, I encourage you to be mindful of those around you.  Connect with them, even if it is only a smile - that smile could just save someone from disaster! Together, we can Change the World with Waves of Loving-Kindness!