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Prayer at Ramadan

Several years ago, I found this beautiful hand-painted picture of Allah's Prayer at a yard sale.  I did not know who wrote it or why.  The simple message, however, resonated deep within, so I bought it. Since that time, it has sat on my shelf where I can read it daily.  Still, I wondered - Who wrote this?

Google being the search engine of choice quickly located the poet, Ella Wheeler-Wilcox.  Ella lived during the turn of the century (1850-1919).  She was considered to be a "free thinker." During her life, she wrote to promote cheer and optimism.  She and her husband became interested in the New Thought Movement as well as spiritualism and theosophy.

I still don't know why she wrote this beautiful prayer, but on this first day of Ramadan, I share it with all.


I pray the prayer the Easterns do, 
May the Peace of Allah abide with you. 
Wherever you stay, wherever you go, 
May the beautiful palms of Allah grow. 

Through the days of labor and the -- nights of…

When Sickness Hits

When we become ill, our entire spirit is lowered.  We are more susceptible to human failings like anger, and despair.  We make unreasonable demands on ourselves as well as others.  

Chronic illness - the kind that lasts, and lasts and never goes away - is the most insidious, especially if, on the outside, the person looks "normal," for instance, someone with migraines or chronic pain syndrome. They look OK, but they are hurting beyond most people's understanding of the word pain.

We also know that there are many people who become total infants when they get sick.  They moan and groan, demanding everyone cater to them.  They bark angry orders at those that are trying their best to give care.  They worry, needlessly  for the most part, that something awful is happening but no one is telling them.  What to do?

First, we must realize that our spirit is being lowered - our energy level is being drained by our body, which is doing its best to keep us going.  Second, once we reali…

Poems on Father's Day

My father and I - 2007
A Daughter's Gratitude

You weren’t around much
when I was that little kid
with the runny nose
and the skinned knees.

You didn’t tuck me into bed
or, read me stories,
or, play catch with me
like some kids’ dads.

as we grew older together,
you became my buddy -
my friend -
the person I turned to
when life got difficult,
or if I had questions -
You were always there
for me.
So, just in case
I haven’t said it before
or, often enough…

Thanks for being the best Dad
you could be for me;
it’s made a difference!


 Early Spring Walk © 2012 LMRN
My Grandchildren's Dad

From the day, 
you took my daughter’s hand 
walking strong and confident beside her, 
I wondered how you would meet 
the challenges of fatherhood 

As you held my grandchild in your arms 
on that first glorious day of life 
I knew the father you would be… 

Gentle, yet firm when needed 
kind, wise, and loving 
strong, yet flexible to change 
tender, silly and patient 

You are the father I dreamed 
you wou…

Gifts of the Spirit

Photo Credit: Colombe de Noé CC BY-SA 3.0
Modern society often turns a blind eye on anything related to Spirit, which may be why we keep this part of ourselves hidden. However, Spirit is ever present, whether society wants to see it or not. 

Spirit is evident in the connections we make with each other and with the world.  We may be in different bodies, in different time zones, working at different jobs, knowing different people, but, we are all part of the same Spirit...God's Holy Spirit.

Mary Anne Radmacher wrote, "Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'" Courage is a gift of Spirit.

When we are connected to our Spirit, we have courage, we gain wisdom and we have the ability to love.

May the Spirit that unites us all, be ever-present in our lives.  May we reap the benefits of the gifts of Spirit and use them wisely to help make the world a better place.