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Prayer for Peace

Looking up into the sky blue vault of eternity,
life seems so full of peace,
yet, in the reality of now,
war, hate, pain, deception
reign in even the most remote corners
of this tiny blue/green marble
we call home.

Dearest Parent Creator,

forgive us for our childish ways.
Shine the Light of Love
into our hearts and souls,
reminding us that we are ALL
one in You.
Heal our brokenness;
teach us to see Your Light
in the eyes of all we meet.
Help us find Your Peace
lying within us,

within the soft darkness

of the corners

of our heart,
just where you placed it
on the day of our birth.

© 2010 LMRN 

Silent Confessor 2

Under moon full-faced
all is laid bare
without words uttered
all is forgiven
once guilt is passed
all is renewed

© LMRN 2015

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