In the Words of Chief Joseph - We Are One

The Native People's of America have a rich culture that understands the connection between the Earth and the Great Spirit.  One of my favorite Elders is Chief Joseph.  His words have always rung true for me.  In addition, I have found them to echo the words found in other Sacred Texts from other cultures.
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"Treat all men alike. Give them the same law. Give them an even chance to live and grow."
"I hope that no more groans of wounded men and women will ever go to the ear of the Great Spirit Chief above, and that all people may be one people."

"The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it."
"We were taught to believe that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything, and that he never forgets, that hereafter he will give every man a spirit home according to his desserts; if he has been a good man, he will have a good home; if he has been a bad man, he will have a bad home."

We pray that "all may be one" and that the blessings of the Spirit will illuminate the minds and hearts of all so that we will stop our destructive ways and live in peace with all our brothers and sisters. 

Today, right at this moment, as you read these words, may Spirit fill your heart and mind, giving you the the strength and the courage to live in Peace and Love for all.


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