Prayer for Letting Go

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To Those I Love 
If I should ever leave you whom I love 
 To go along the Silent Way, grieve not, 
Nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk 
Of me as if I were beside you there. 
(I'd come-I'd come, could I but find a way! 
But would not tears and grief be barriers?) 
And when you hear a song or see a bird 
I loved, please do not let the thought of me 
Be sad .... For I am loving you just as 
I always have ... You were so good, to me! 
There are so many things I wanted still 
To do --- so many things to say to you ... 
Remember that I did not fear ... It was 
Just leaving you that was so hard to face ... 
We cannot see Beyond.. But this I know: 
I loved you so - 'twas heaven here with you! 

--Ardis Marletta 

This is a re-post from the blog posted May 2011. What a surprise and blessing to receive this lovely note from the poem's author. 
January 2013
I am the Ardis Marletta, who wrote the original version of this poem. I wrote it for my Uncle who died when I was very young, I posted it years ago someplace and it literally has gone viral even found its way as a selection for prayer cards in funeral parlors (which I needed to fight to have removed I couldn't let them profit for deepest emotional words from my heart). 
At times it makes me feel that the immense love for my Uncle who was like my father, who to this very day I feel his loss, has been like knowing he has always been there for me. When I see a spot like this always gives me profound comfort. Thank you
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