Poems on Father's Day

 My father and I - 2007

A Daughter's Gratitude

You weren’t around much
when I was that little kid
with the runny nose
and the skinned knees.

You didn’t tuck me into bed
or, read me stories,
or, play catch with me
like some kids’ dads.

as we grew older together,
you became my buddy -
my friend -
the person I turned to
when life got difficult,
or if I had questions -
You were always there
for me.
So, just in case
I haven’t said it before
or, often enough…

Thanks for being the best Dad
you could be for me;
it’s made a difference!


 Early Spring Walk © 2012 LMRN

My Grandchildren's Dad

From the day, 
you took my daughter’s hand 
walking strong and confident beside her, 
I wondered how you would meet 
the challenges of fatherhood 

As you held my grandchild in your arms 
on that first glorious day of life 
I knew the father you would be… 

Gentle, yet firm when needed 
kind, wise, and loving 
strong, yet flexible to change 
tender, silly and patient 

You are the father I dreamed 
you would be…so proud of you, 
son of my heart. 

by Linda M. Rhinehart Neas © 2011



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