Prayer at Ramadan

Several years ago, I found this beautiful hand-painted picture of Allah's Prayer at a yard sale.  I did not know who wrote it or why.  The simple message, however, resonated deep within, so I bought it. Since that time, it has sat on my shelf where I can read it daily.  Still, I wondered - Who wrote this?

Google being the search engine of choice quickly located the poet, Ella Wheeler-Wilcox.  Ella lived during the turn of the century (1850-1919).  She was considered to be a "free thinker." During her life, she wrote to promote cheer and optimism.  She and her husband became interested in the New Thought Movement as well as spiritualism and theosophy.

I still don't know why she wrote this beautiful prayer, but on this first day of Ramadan, I share it with all.


I pray the prayer the Easterns do, 
May the Peace of Allah abide with you. 
Wherever you stay, wherever you go, 
May the beautiful palms of Allah grow. 

Through the days of labor and the -- nights of rest, 
May the Love of Allah make you blest. 
So I touch my heart as the Easterns do, 
May the peace of Allah abide with you. 

By Ella Wheeler-Wilcox, "Paradise of the Pacific" magazine, December 1924. 

Blessings to all!


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