When Sickness Hits

When we become ill, our entire spirit is lowered.  We are more susceptible to human failings like anger, and despair.  We make unreasonable demands on ourselves as well as others.  

Chronic illness - the kind that lasts, and lasts and never goes away - is the most insidious, especially if, on the outside, the person looks "normal," for instance, someone with migraines or chronic pain syndrome. They look OK, but they are hurting beyond most people's understanding of the word pain.

We also know that there are many people who become total infants when they get sick.  They moan and groan, demanding everyone cater to them.  They bark angry orders at those that are trying their best to give care.  They worry, needlessly  for the most part, that something awful is happening but no one is telling them.  What to do?

First, we must realize that our spirit is being lowered - our energy level is being drained by our body, which is doing its best to keep us going.  Second, once we realize that our energy is dwindling, we need to do things that will help to raise our spirits. What is that, you may ask?

Many things - the simplest is to pray or meditate, but many people say they don't know how or do not like to pray.  What then? Then, think of someone you love very much.  Picture them beside you, perhaps holding your hand, reminding you that you are not alone.  This little exercise has been done in scientific experiments and has shown to lower our blood pressure and increase our immune system.

Another "trick" is, if you are able, get some sun.  Sunshine in small doses (with sunscreen) is the best medicine.  However, be careful if you are taking medications, because many medications now cause adverse reactions to the sun.  If you can't get out in the sun, then sit where you can see nature...trees, bushes, flowers all help us to feel well.

Finally, drink lots of water and breathe!  We have become a society of people that have forgotten how to breathe. Take slow deep cleansing breaths...release the breath just as slowly, emptying your lungs as completely as possible. This helps top clean our bodies of impurities by adding much needed oxygen to our systems.

These little exercises won't cure what ails, but they will help your spirit to be the best it can be under the circumstances.


Gentle Creator, bless those who suffer from the illnesses of this world.  Send your angels to lift them from their pain.  Take their fear from them, replacing it with hope. Give them eyes to see the healing power of love that surrounds them. Help them to understand that cures are different than healing. We, as humans, cannot cure all illness and disease, try as we might, but we can heal mind, body and spirit to be in balance in this imperfect world in order to live with disease and pain at our highest energy level.  Thank you, Spirit of All for always being there. 


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