Daily Miracles

The Miracle of Spring - Legend of St Francis
By Giotto [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

As a child growing up, I thought miracles were confined to the pages of holy books.  They were events from a long ago time that happened to saints and sinners who later became saints.  Miracles were cool to read about, but I didn't see them happening in the present.

One day, after reading another Lives of the Saints story, I mused aloud that it was too bad that miracles still didn't happen.  My mother stopped what she was doing and asked me to come to her.  She pointed at my baby brother. "What is that?" she asked.

"My brother," I answered puzzled.

"Yes, but he is also a miracle!  And, for that matter, so are you!"

She then launched into a long discussion about how miracles happen every second of every day if we just open our eyes to see them.

Over the many years that followed this lesson, I have seen miracles of all sizes and shapes, involving all kinds of people around the world.  Sometimes the miracles happen after a horribly tragic event, sometimes they occur in the silence of a sunset, and sometimes the burst on the scene during the birth of a new day.

The story of young Malala Yousafzai is a miracle of faith, fortitude and courage.  Out of her horrific ordeal, she has risen as a shining light in our world.  Her grace and love for humanity shine from her beautiful eyes.  She has no time for self-pity or revenge...only love and peacemaking.  

We do not know where the road leads, nor do we know who we will meet along the way, but one thing we can be sure of is that there will be plenty of miracles. 

May Creator bless each of us with eyes that see with a pure heart and mouths that speak of love and peace, even in the face of hatred, so that we, too, will be come catalysts for miracles.
Postscript:  A little miracle here...unbeknownst to me, today is Malala's 17th birthday!  I just realized this when I got a post from Amnesty International.  Guess Spirit wanted me to write this blog post today!


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