Reflections on a Summer's Sabbath

The mountains are God's thoughts piled up.
The ocean is God's thoughts spread out.
The flowers are God's thoughts in bloom.
The dew drops are God's thoughts in pearls.
Sam Jones
The Birth of the Flowers 
by Mary McNeil Fenollosa
God spoke!  and from the arid scene
Sprang rich and verdant bowers,
Till all the earth was soft with green. ~
He smiled; and there were flowers.
Nature is the armory of genius.  Cities serve it poorly, books and colleges at second hand; the eye craves the spectacle of the horizon; of mountain, ocean, river and plain, the clouds and stars; actually contact with the elements, sympathy with the seasons as they rise and roll. ~~ A. B. Alcott


Sympathy with Nature is a part of the good person's religion. ~~ F. H. Hedge



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