Lessons from Nature: Love One Another

Before I write anything, I would like you to watch a couple of videos...

So my question is  this - Is Nature trying to teach us something?

Creatures that should not have any desire to connect to each other have found a way to not simply coexist, (which if you study nature at all, is not really that unusual) but be friends - enjoy each others company and protect each other from harm.

Why are we suddenly seeing all this unusual, unbelievable interactions? I believe that humankind is being sent a very important, very necessary message from the Creator.  The message is not new, in fact, it can be found in every faith path in existence.  But, we just aren't hearing the meaning, even when we say the words over and over.

What better way to teach than by example. Therefore, Nature has sent us examples, and most recently, many of them!  Unique and unheard of bondings by creatures diametrically opposed to each other.

So, what is the lesson...the message that is so ancient that we have forgotten the meaning?  


The meaning of this has no clauses that say - only if the other is the same as you, or only if they believe the same things, or only if they are rich or only if they are a certain color or only if you want to - the meaning is point-blank clear - Love One Another!

If Creator has to have the animals show us how to do this, don't you think it is about time we stop, listen and clean up our act?

Love one another...now, today...Amen!  NamastĂ©!

More about Animal Odd Couples on BBC -




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