Healing Prayers

 Albrecht Dürer 
- Study of an Apostle's Hands (Praying Hands)
 - Public domain

The power of prayer to heal has been scientifically proven. I know in my life, I have seen miraculous healing occur when prayer was added to the mix.

So, today, I would ask that we think about those in our lives who are ill, those who are suffering from pain or disease.  Let us all pray for them.  We don't know everyone's name, but the Creator knows and that is all that matters.

Let us pray...

Magnificent Healer of All, we come to You today from all over the world.  Please hear our prayers for the healing of our families and friends, please hear our prayers for the healing of those we do not know but who suffer from disease and pain.  Bring them Your Eternal Love. Bless them with balance of mind, body and spirit.  Give them Peace and Strength to deal with whatever comes their way.

We thank You for all You give us.  Amen, Blessed be, Aho, So be it.

*** One important point to remember - healing is not the same as curing.  Curing is  the absence of disease.  We live in a world filled with bacteria and viruses...disease is a fact of life.  When we ask for healing, we are given strength, which sometimes equates to getting better, other times the disease or condition is still there, but we have the ability to cope with it. 


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