Let Your Light Shine

Hands Of The World by Fran Hogan 
Public Domain

 Last night, I joined with faith leaders from around the community to offer prayers, chants, songs, and poems in our various traditions in a service held for World Day of Prayer by Unity of the Pioneer Valley.

The evening was filled with the Spirit! I was touched by the energy of the gathering, the gentle love and care we all took with each other and the lovely offerings each brought.  Truly this was a night when each of us let our Light shine!

I wish I had a link to the entire service to share with you all, but I do have the poem I read as the Interfaith Minister for the evening.  May you find something that will awaken your Spirit, touch your Heart or inspire you to new thoughts.

Your Light

Amid the nightmare of dark memories
That tear hearts asunder,
Let your Light shine
Like dew turned to liquid gems
As the Sun rises over the mountains -

Amid the days of manufactured lack and want
That eat away at both body and soul,
Let your Light shine
Like salt spray kissed by the Moon
As it dances in the wind -

Amid the blind eyes, turned backs and mute mouths
That have forgotten their connections - one to the other -
Let your Light shine
Like stars splashed across heaven’s veil
As night tiptoes over the sky -

Amid the stink of hate and the perfume of despair
That permeates the repressed corners of the world
Let your Light shine
Like eyes twinkling with tender reverence
As they rest upon the Beloved -

Let your singular, unique and awesome Light shine
without fear, without concern, without hesitation!

Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas © 2014


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