Resolutions that Give Back

How often have you made a New Year's resolution only to have all your resolve crumble before the end the year?  You are not alone!

Many years ago, I realized the futility of resolving to lose weight, stop eating sweets, not swearing, etc.  An off-hand comment led me to a new way of looking at resolutions. "Why can't we ever have resolutions that work?"

Why, indeed!  I pondered, meditated and chewed on this for days.  Then, on waking one morning, the answer greeted me.  Resolve to do things that you can succeed at, that give back to you and others, that are doable!

That first year, I resolved to find something for which to be grateful, weekly, if not daily.  Not only did I get to the end of the year with a very clear idea of all my blessings, I ended the year feeling so good about myself and the world around me!


This past year, my word was JOY.  I looked for joy, daily.  No surprise, I found it, even on the worse, most difficult days. Take for instance the storm pictured above.  Trees were downed by heavy snow and ice causing power outages, BUT, when I ventured out to my garden, I was filled will joy to see my weeping cherry tree faithfully protecting our Buddha.  There IS always a silver lining if we look for it!

So, try this...pick a word like joy, peace, gratitude, love, beauty, calm, etc.  Resolve to look for that particular quality each week.  I can tell you that you will soon be finding moments each day, but resolve for each week.  This will allow you some wiggle room.  Keep a journal - this helps you see your success and allows you to reflect on what you discovered later.

May this new year bring us all Light, Love and Peace. 


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