The Light Returns...What's Next?

Sunrise (c) L. M. R. Neas 2014
Last year, I asked the question, "What happens once the stable is empty?" This year, the same question from another point of view...Now that the Light has returned, what next?
During this season of Light, Love and Peace, many spiritual traditions celebrate the return of Light to the world.  For Pagans, this is seen in the return of the Sun - the days get longer after the Winter Solstice.  For Christians, this is seen in Jesus' birth; he is the Light of the World.
Regardless of how this image of Light returning to a dark world is seen, what we do once the Light has returned makes all the difference.

Do we stand in the Light, basking in the rays of warmth and filling our spirits with joy, love and peace?  Or, do we find the darkest corner we can to hide?  Do we call others to share the Light?  Or, do we act as if the Light has always been there?

The Cherokee have a story of how the people were unsatisfied with day and night. So they asked Eagle to ask Creator to give them 24 hours of Light. This was wonderful at first, but soon everyone was exhausted, the babies and old people died because the food burnt in the fields. 

So, the people sent Eagle a second time to asked Creator to give them 24 hours of Night, instead. This was wonderful at first, but soon the people realized that they couldn’t grow anything and it got colder and colder. The babies and old people died because they were too cold. 

So, for a third time the people asked Eagle to go to Creator for help. Eagle told Creator of all those who had died, which made Creator very sad. Eagle told Creator that the people wanted day and night to go back to the way it was. 

But, the Creator said, "No. We already tried that, and it did not work. I have a new plan. From now on, only two days out of the year will have equal daylight and darkness. On those two days, we will call it the Equinox. Then, as the sun travels to the South, the days will get shorter and shorter until it is the shortest day of the year. We will call that the Winter Solstice. Those who love the night will be happy. And, as the sun travels back to the North, over the Equinox, the days will grow longer and longer until it is the longest day of the year. We will call that the Summer Solstice. Those who love the daylight will be happy. This you must tell the People." 

And the people where happy. 

Being happy, being content, being satisfied with what we are given, how it arrives and what it does for us is one of the most difficult tasks we humans have.  As the Light fills your life in the days ahead, look for ways to share it...look for ways to give thanks...look for ways to make a difference in this world.  Because, the biggest secret is that YOU are Light!  Shine brightly!


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