Family Prayers

A popular song in my family of four daughters is "We Are Family." In one of my English as a second language classes, my multi-national students adopted the song to express their delight in finding friendship in other women whose cultures were so different, yet so similar to their own.

We ARE family!  Therefore, when one of the members of the family is in pain, or trouble, or is hurt, we all feel for them.  

Over the past year, too often, we have been faced with images and stories of members of the human family who are suffering in unimaginable ways.  As in any family, there are times when we are helpless to change the suffering.  But, we can do something...we can pray.  

I know from my own life that prayer works.  Prayer changes situations that at first seemed impossible.  One thing to remember, though.  Prayer always gets answered, but not always the way WE want.  So, we much carefully form our intentions and when we pray, do it selflessly...not what we want, but what would be best for all concerned.

That said, let us pray for our brothers and sisters around this tiny blue planet we call home...

Creator, Parent of us all, hear our prayer in this time of confusion, pain and suffering.
Bless our leaders with enlightenment, so that they will make decisions that will bring peace and end pain and suffering.

Bless all those who have suffered the ravages of war and terrorism, so that they may find peace in their hearts and souls to move forward in life.
Bless all those who work most diligently to bring peace to the world, so that their efforts are never in vain.
Thank you, dearest Parent, for all that you give us.  Let us realize we have enough to share and let us have hearts willing to do so.


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