At Momma's Knee

As an adult, I have come to realize how amazing my mother was.  A woman way ahead of her time, she fought against discrimination of all types. She promoted acceptance and loving-kindness long before it was the fashion.  She taught be to open my eyes by way of my heart and really see a situation.  She gave me the gifts of music, art, poetry and literature when I was very, very young, teaching me to cherish them, always.

On Sunday, as people around the country celebrate Mother's Day, I will be honoring my mother with the completion of the Wave of Change to Bring the Girls Home event.  I have dedicated this event to her memory, knowing that all the love that went into the past nine days began when I was just a child standing at my mothers knee.

I pray that the young girls of Nigeria, as well as all the women and children that have been kidnapped, find strength in what they have learned at their mother's knee.  May they all return home soon and may the pain and suffering they have experienced be healed by the love that we send their way.



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