Creating a Wave of Change

In Memory of Anne Marie Kasper Neas -
who taught me to believe. 

On April 21st of this year, I launched a campaign to create a Wave of Change to bring the girls from Nigeria home.  The idea came as a way to honor my Mother. April 21st is her birthday and the event ended on Mother's Day.  People from around the world joined me in prayer, mediation, positive energy and a variety of other means for connecting to Spirit.  

Recently, someone ask what difference did all that effort make.  This person wasn't the only skeptic or critic.  I was also asked, "What if at the end of the event, the girls are still not found?" My answers is and always has been, "Yes, it makes a difference! and We will keep praying."

Faith, Hope and Love are what motivated the Wave of Change Campaign.  From the moment that I first presented the idea to spend 9 days envisioning the girls of Nigeria safe and with their loved ones again, that Wave went from a tiny ripple to an ever increasing tsunami of Love and Light.

You see, I never doubted that our efforts wouldn't make a difference. I know deep within my being that any time we humans gather together to promote and create Loving-Kindness, amazing things happen.  We might not see the results, but we can be assured that they make a difference.

From the day that I first was inspired to do this (my Mother's birthday, 4/21/15), women and children kidnapped in Nigeria began being rescued...the simple intent created, in my belief, a positive reaction, which as others joined became our Wave of Change. In total, as of Mother's day 2015, over 700 women and children have been rescued! How wonderful is that! 

In the days ahead, I ask that you continue to envision the women and children back in their homes surrounded by those they love and who love them. Envision them healed of the psychological, physical and emotional wounds that were caused during their captivity. Envision them filled with the Light of Love. Bless you all for being part of this effort. Thank you for making a difference! 

HeartMath shows what I am talking about!


  1. Dear Linda, I totally agree with you. With our heart prayers we do make a difference. You have launched a wonderful Wave of Change. God bless you and all involved in your initiative. May the prayers and their positive effects continue ...

  2. Thank you, Margrit! Together, we can change the world! Blessings, Linda


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