Prayer to End the Insanity

  By Marcusmoseley (Own work)  via Wikimedia Commons

Blessed, Holy Source of All,
once again we are shocked by the violence -
senseless violence.
Once again, we call to you to mend our broken hearts -
our broken lives.
Once again, we search our beings for hope - 
for forgiveness.

Blessed One, 
help us to look at the true cause for this insanity.
Help us to see into the heart of such unspeakable evil.
Help us to face the demons of our making and stop 
that which seem unstoppable.

Holy Parent,
teach us to stand against those in power that refuse to make the changes needed.
Teach us to stand strong against those who live in hate with the world.
Teach us to stand in loving-kindness, even when all around us run away.

Great Spirit,
hold those in South Carolina close to your Heart.
Hold those who have suffered from hate and violence in your Love.
And, hold us all in your Grace so that we can do what needs to be done 
to end this insanity.

Amen, Blessed be, Aho

© Rev. Linda Rhinehart Neas 2015


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