What It Means When Love Wins

The word "love" is bandied about these days. I think few people really stop to think about what the word, in all its incarnations really means.  

If we look at what Webster's Dictionary has to say, we will find more definitions in both noun and verb form than we can imagine! (Click here to find out!)

The Love that I want to talk about today is the unconditonal kind that sees into the soul of a person and honors, celebrates and cherishes that person regardless of any of the boxes that they may or may not fit into at any given time.  Unconditional Love means work; it means mindful thinking; it means see past what makes us uncomfortable.  Unconditional Love means that we willingly move past our comfort zones into that place where possibility lives...where we just might find a friend for a lifetime...where, instead of "the other," we find "us."

The Supreme Court has set the United States on a path towards great possibility.  There will be bumps, I am sure.  But, oh how wonderful to  imagine the joy and happiness that awaits us as  human beings.

"Love will find its way through all languages on its own." ~ Rumi


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