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Finding time for the Divine in the world today,  is often a difficult task. (For the purpose of this post, I will also refer to the Divine as God and Spirit, but welcome readers to use whatever name they know the Divine by as they read.) Everyone has more on their plate than they can handle. Tragic events in the world bring such despair that we often question the very existence of God.  So, how do we continue to walk the Good Red Road, continue to stay balanced on the Middle Path, continue to find the time to connect to Spirit?
For many people, going to a place of worship helps them to maintain their connection. Gathering with others of like mind, helps us remember who we are and what we believe. But often, once some people leave their place of worship, there is a disconnect in which they find themselves once more off balance. Staying connected to Spirit takes work and conscious effort all day long.  
Many prophets and holy men and women from around the world reminded people to live mindfully.  In other words, remember in every moment of every day that we are children of the Divine and that we are loved.  We are called to remember that no matter how difficult life gets, Spirit is there with us.  Spirit shows us how to share God's love with others.

Personally, I try to remember my connection to Spirit by saying little mantras throughout the day.  "Dear God, I love you," or "Spirit of Light and Love, help me," are two of my most used mantras.  I usually say these when I am not doing other things, like when I am waiting in line or when I am driving.  The repetition of the mantra helps me focus my attention on the fact that the Divine is with me, always.
What ways do you use to keep the Divine close to you?  Please share your thoughts and ideas so that we can all grow in our spirituality.

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