Children on the Beach

Over the last few days, I have been haunted by the images of refugees fleeing Syria.  As a mother and grandmother, my heart has once more been broken by the total horror of this world.  The little one found on the shore wasn't so much flotsam and jetsam.  He was someone's precious little boy, someone's blessed little grandson.  

I am of the belief that all children are our children - whether we birth them or they live thousands of miles away - they are our children.  We, as a global community are responsible for them, as responsible as if they lived in our own homes.  

I, like many of us out there, feel helpless in these situations. BUT, one thing I have learned - I cannot, will not stay silent.  I must raise my voice in prayer and protest when the horrors of war and injustice slither out from under the rocks in which they hide.  That being the case, this is my offering, humble as it is.  Perhaps it will reach those who have the power to stop the pain and suffering of so many of my brothers and sisters.


Children On The Beach

On the days when life is fair
and all things equal,

children on the beach brings
happy memories of seashells,
sandcastles, tide pools and skimming stones.

But life is far from fair.
We have allowed insanity
to permeate our lives to the nth degree.
Out of control, the world witnesses
lifeless little bodies lifted by those called
to enforce peace and justice.
What justice is there in the death of a child?
What justice is there when parents must 
make choices between remaining in hell
or risking it all to touch Eden?

On days when life is fair
and all things equal, 
no parent ever has to make that choice.

LMRN © 2015


May the Great Source of All Love and Goodness forgive this senseless cruelty to one another.  May we all find the strength to rise up against it so that all children, all parents and grandparents will have the blessing of happy days on the beaches of this world.


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