Anniversary Prayer

 Photo credit: LMRN © 2015 - Through Love's Eyes


The celebration of a wedding anniversary is as important as the actual wedding day.  On this day, couples have the opportunity to stop and reflect on their love for each other. Many times on significant anniversaries like the 10, 25, or 50th, couples have a re-commitment ceremony in which they renew their vows.

This renewal or re-commitment allows not only the couple, but family and friends the space to remember why these two people came together in the first place.  They are reminded that marriage isn't all sunshine and roses.  There are plenty of valleys to walk through and mountains to climb; however, when the couple is mindful of their love and dedicated to each other, no valley or mountain stands in the way.

So, in celebration of anniversaries, I offer this prayer:

May the renewal of your life together be blessed,
in order that you may continue to bless others around you -
May your love be so great that when one cries, 
the other tastes the tears -
May your joy be so great that it spills over into all you do,
together or apart -
May the difficult times that come, and they will come,
be made easier through your trust and love for each other.
May you have the wisdom to allow for times of quiet reflection alone
as well as times of silent meditation together.
May you never cease to hug, hold hands, touch a cheek or simply "be" together.
May you stand together, facing the future and
knowing that Love must always be shared,
for with that sharing comes untold blessings.




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