The Ancestors and Me

The belief that our ancestors watch over us after death, often protecting us from harm and guiding us on the path is not new.  For many years, in many cultures, ancestor veneration was part of everyday life. From every continent, people prayed to their ancestors, believing that those they loved who had passed through the veil could intercede for them here on earth. 

In our modern society, many people have lost this connection. But, many others are seeking to reconnect with this belief. For those seeking reconnection, it is their hope that the ancestors will help them and that with that help, the seeker will be able to heal his or her self as well as their community and the world.

Recently, I took a online workshop with Gemma Benton, a Native American artist and healer. In the workshop, she used art to reconnect us to our ancestors. We spoke often (online), meditated and created. In the end, we each had a lovely work of art that spoke of and to our ancestors.

My piece connected me with the generations of my grandmothers. These women overcame so much to bring forth families during times of horrific pain, suffering and disease.  They were survivors.  They survived wars, famine, influenza epidemics, the death of children and spouses, and much more. In connection with them, I saw my own strengths...and I saw where they came from as well as patterns of pain and suffering still manifesting today.

I learned to ask for help in healing and releasing "that which no longer serves us."  Letting go is so difficult!  Especially, I believe, for women.  We hold on to everything...out of fear...out of concern that we may need it later...out of hope that we will somehow be able to change things.  We need to learn to LET GO!

 Here is my prayer to and for the ancestors:

Grandmothers, join with me today
guide me as I take care of my family -
as I take care of my community -
as I take care of the world.

Teach me to heal those wounds
that have festered far too long.
Teach me to share 
without fear of not having or being enough.
Teach me to let go 
of that which does not serve me.

Grandmothers, I send thanks
to Creator 
for your examples -
for your lives here on Earth -
for your wisdom passed down
from mother to daughter
over the millenniums.

May I be a strong, resilient woman -
May I be a creator of love and joy 
May I be a healer of old wounds as well as new
like you all.

Aho, blessed be


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