Wisdom of the Past

Our ancestors left us so much wisdom...understandings of life and the world around us that, as we "developed," we negated. Interestingly enough, much of that wisdom has been re-discovered by scientists who now can prove the truth of what was once known.

In studying about my ancestors and the wisdom that comes from the various cultures in my family alone, I have realized that as humans gained more knowledge and abilities, they lost something.  I lost the teachings of my Eastern European, Irish, German, Welsh and Indigenous ancestors because my ancestors were so indoctrinated into modern society, they did not want to pass the old-fashioned ways onto their children and grandchildren.  In some cases, they were ashamed of what others looked on as backwards beliefs.

So, we stopped planting by the Moon.  We stopped nursing the babies in favor of bottled milk.  We stopped growing our own fruits and vegetables in favor of packaged food. We stopped talking to Creator. We stopped talking to each other.

Now, science has proven that crops that are planted according to the Luna cycle do better. Science has proven that "breast milk is the best milk" for babies. Millions of dollars is being spent to show that organically grown fruits and vegetables eaten in season are the best for humans.  Theologians along with psychiatrists and psychologists around the world have written papers showing that people who have an active connection to Spirit are happier, healthier humans.  Finally, sociologist, anthropologists and a host of other scientist can show that cultures that share time communicating face to face with each other have a richer, more powerful connection to their community.

This is all true, but the thing is, it was always true.  And, we knew it intuitively, if we had listened.  If we had taken the time to sit quietly and commune with our ancestors and with Creator.  Like toddlers, we keep demanding to do things ourselves.  When everything falls apart, we go crying for help.  The time has come to grow up, to take that giant leap of faith into the unknown and trust!



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