Balm in Times of Grief

I originally posted this several years ago.  Recently, after the sudden death of our dear friend, Wendy, I have been looking for words that might help those who knew her.  Here is my original post - 
In the past month, several friends have shared the death of a loved one with me.  Some have sat at the bedside of a parent as they transitioned from this life to the next.  Others have told of releasing into the Creator's loving hands, their child.  

At times like this, words often ring hollow.  They don't seem to have the depth we hope for in order to bring comfort to the hearts we know are breaking.  However, to say nothing, would be worse.  

I have often responded by writing poetry.  The following are poems I have written and sent to loved ones when they are grieving.  I pray that their words will bring comfort to any of you who are in need of balm for your souls.  

That Smile

That smile! 
That is what we will remember 
Bright, open 
It lit up rooms 
Softened hearts 
And brightened the dark scary places 
We feared to go 

That smile! 
That is what will ease the pain 
Wise, caring 
It held a knowing 
Older than Life 
And calmed the turbulence 
We felt along the way 

That smile! 
That is what we will hold in our hearts 
Magic, mystical 
It still shines 
Illuminating the path 
And revealing the road 
We, too, travel toward Home 

By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas © 2005 


Look for me! 
You will see my smile 
As you plant pansy faces each spring. 

Look for me! 
You will feel my touch 
Along the shore in the summer breeze. 

Look for me! 
You will hear my laugh 
In the crunch and rustle of autumn leaves. 

Look for me! 
You will hear my voice 
As winter snows whisper past your face. 

Look for me…. 
For I am here! 

By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas  ©1992

Prayer of Lament

Loving Parent,
You who have made all things 
hear my cries to you in this
my time of great emptiness and pain.

Heal my broken heart,
fill my empty hands with work that will
bless You and all around me.

Let the memories of my loved one
fill my heart with happiness,
soothing the ache that occupies each beat.

Dearest Creator, help me to see that 
my loved one is safe within Your loving arms
until we meet again.  Amen! 

By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas © 2014 


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