A Healthy Self

photo credit: Linda M. Rhinehart Neas (c) 2015

In order to have balanced health, we must be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Low self-esteem keeps many from this balance.  Low self-esteem is like a fog that descends upon us, keeping us from seeing what lies ahead, what possibilities exist.  

Where does low self-esteem come from?  Most commonly, it is the result of insidious emotional abuse from childhood, although, happy children can fall into emotionally abusive adult relationships that destroy their self-esteem, also. According to the United Nations' World's Women Report 2015, over 47 percent of women in the United States have experienced some form of emotional (also termed psychological) abuse in their lifetimes. 

The biggest reason for this form of abuse is that it is cyclical. The abused becomes the abuser, over and over again. Healthy behavior isn't modeled and isn't known. Sadly, many people don't understand that abuse can be emotional. They have been trained to look for physical evidence of abuse - black and blues, broken bones, scars.  They don't realize that with emotional abuse the soul, the spirit of the person is destroyed.

What can be done to restore self-esteem?  First, if you are or know of someone who is emotionally abused, seek professional counseling with someone who is trained to help those who have this form of abuse.  Second, begin building your self-esteem by doing things, like using affirmations, to retrain your brain to see yourself as whole and balanced.

Affirmations, when repeated throughout the day, remind us that we are healthy, whole and enough. Some of my favorite affirmations are, "I am getting healthy in every way, every day." and "I am beautiful, strong, wise and enough."  I found saying them to myself in the mirror most empowering.

The point is, being healthy and in balance takes choices - some of those choices can be very difficult to make.  But, if we begin with building our fortitude - our inner strength - in much the same way we build our physical strength - one exercise at a time, we CAN attain balance in our lives.

May all who read this be touched, inspired or enlightened.  May we all be blessed with health of mind, body and spirit.


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