For Everything There Is a Season

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:" Ecc 3:1

Recently, I heard this beautiful folk song again after many years. What it reminded me was that we live in a world of duality - Yin and Yang.  We cannot have one without the other.  Too much of one thing and not enough of the other causes gross imbalance, as we have seen in our world today.  So, as the Ancestors have told us, from every culture on the planet, that we must strive to walk the middle way, strive to maintain balance, strive to stay on center.

In meditating on this, I came to see that I was working too much. Each day I "played" less and less. My health has not been great recently. I wondered at the connection, but not for long, because I know that stress weakens our immune system and I was stressed.  

What to do? First, I evaluated what I HAD to do and what I could let go of - WOW!  What a weight off my shoulders when I did that!  Second, I looked at what brought me joy, what gave me a sense of calm, what made me happy.  

Amazingly, I have found that when we take care of ourselves, Creator sends us just what we need at the same time.  If we are aware, we don't miss opportunities.  My dear friend and soul-sister, Eliza provided one such opportunity.  She had begun the Artful, Joyful Me Project

This wonderful project invites participants to "play" with art. So far, we have doodled and colored.  What fun!  I hadn't done this since I was a child. 

What became very obvious to me is that I felt better almost immediately. So, I invite you all to look at your life.  Where are you out of balance?  How can you level things up?  Perhaps, it is as simple as allowing time to create and have fun with it.



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