Renewal, Rebirth and Reawakening

The days are getting longer.  The sun is warming the Earth, melting the snow to provide nourishment to the new growth that lies beneath the ice quilt of winter.  Spring is Nature's long awaited wake-up call.  Spring is also the time we, humans of the Northern climates, practice various traditions of self-renewal, growth and awakening.

Like Nature with its occasional Spring snows, we sometimes resist the call to become introspective. We, too, want to cover our heads with the blankets and tell the Light to go away for a bit longer.  But, in truth, the Light is always there, calling to us, shining for us.  We are the ones that chose to turn a blind eye.

Staring up at the blue skies, I call out to the Creator...

Bless us with Your Love and Light!  Warm our frozen hearts so that we may become instruments of Peace and vessels of Love.  Nurture us with Your Grace so that we may bloom to be the best we can.  

As Spring awakens the Earth, awaken us, dear Source of All.  May we all see Your Light shining in the hearts and on the faces of all we meet.

Amen, Aho, Blessed Be! 


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