Spring Health Tips

Back in January, I wrote that my word for the year was "health."  With the longer days and promises of warmer, more pleasant weather, I am thinking about how "spring cleaning" can help us be healthier in mind, body and spirit.

For me, de-cluttering really helps me feel better about life. I usually begin by going through my clothes, books and odds and ends that are cluttering up the house. As the weather begins to warm, I get up early and try to do one little bit of picking up outside in the gardens. 

Clearing out material things is great for the physical realm.  However, we mustn't forget clearing out the mental/emotional/spiritual realm, too.  With longer days and better weather, we can begin getting out more...taking walks, sitting in the sun, meditating on the natural beauty around us.  As we breathe in the freshness of spring air, we can mindfully release anything we have been holding within.  Breathe in rejuvenating, refreshing, life-giving air.  Release pain, anger, despair and negativity.

Another great health tip that can begin in spring is eating more locally grown foods.  Not only are you helping yourself to be healthier, you are encouraging the health of your community by supporting local farmers.

What are some of your Spring Health Tips?  Please share them in the comments.



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