Church Without Walls

After last week's post, I had the most serendipitous blessing of joining a group of interfaith/interspiritual ministers from around the world on a conference call to discuss what to say when asked where our church was.  The conference was lead by Rev. Claudia Roblee of the Wisdom Circle Ministries.

For over an hour, Claudia led us through a process of discerning our mission. During this process, we shared what we had written.  When one of the attendees mentioned that she was a "minister without walls" the lights went off in my head.  Of course! Churches without walls!

Before entering seminary, I attended the "University Without Walls" at UMass Amherst in order to complete my bachelor's degree.  This idea of not being confined to a specific space was not foreign to me; in fact, it was very familiar.

I am a minister without walls serving those near and far through dialogue, blogging, prayer and mediation on the internet as well as face to face.

One sentence that encapsulates my ministry!  How grateful I am to Claudia and my colleagues who attended the conference for helping me flesh out my mission statement.

May all who serve others be blessed with wisdom. May the work of their hearts, hands and minds touch those in need, bringing comfort, grace and love. 



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