Finding Solace

Sometimes, it is difficult to write...too many things going time to gather my thoughts...or I am simply too tired. 

This can be a BIG problem if you are doing a weekly column, as I did back when my girls were young. How did I manage? Well, to be honest, I often prayed. Yes, that is right, I said, “prayed!” Know what? It worked. 

Somehow, in the middle of the praying, something would happen, or someone would call, or I would pick up a book, paper or magazine and there would be my inspiration! Crazier still, those were often the times I would hear from readers who would tell me that what I had written was an answer to their prayers! Imagine! 

However, prayer isn't the only way to find peace and solace when our souls are in turmoil and pain.

The past few months have been difficult. In addition to the deaths of several loved ones, there are the anniversaries (birthdays and anniversaries of the deaths of my parents and brother) which cause me to pause and reflect on life. 

I find comfort in the blooming of flowers and the rich colors of blossoming trees. I receive such blessings from watching the birds, bees and butterflies going about their lives in my gardens. What a lovely reminder it is that while some things pass away, life is always renewing itself. 

Sometimes, we don’t need the wings of an eagle to fly, sometimes the lifting up of our souls comes by way of butterfly wings!


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