Blessing for Fathers Everywhere

By Bliu pastels (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]

This Father's Day, my mind turns to all those fathers in our world who are struggling to find balance in this life for their families, who are living with the task of making decisions no parent should ever need to make and who are battling forces that threaten the lives of their children as well as their own. My mind turns to all those men who have fathered children not their own, simply because they needed the love and gentle touch of a man who could spend the time to be there. My mind turns to my father - my Daddy - who battled in equal measure the threats to world freedom and freedom from disease.  My mind turns to my sons-in-love, all of whom work tirelessly to provide their children with the best life has to offer by being present in ways their fathers weren't able to be present. With all these fathers in mind, I offer my humble prayer...

Abba, Gracious Source of All,
bless those who struggle to raise their children
in the world of technology and mindlessness.
Help those men known as 
Dad, Papa, Babba, Daddy, Pa, Táta, Papi, Daidí, Tad 
and all the other terms of endearment You have heard
fall from the lips of Your sons and daughters  
to find those precious moments to hold their children,
to teach their children,
to love their children, as You love all that is -
beyond measure, without conditions.
When they are tired, bless them with the strength
to listen to the adventures of childhood days.
When they are worried, bless them with wisdom
to know how to let go of their cares.
When they are frustrated, bless them with patience
to understand the cause of their frustrations,
so that they do not lash out at their children.
Blessed Parent, You who knows all that lies in our hearts,
shower the fathers of this world in grace
so that they will shine as examples of Your Love 
for their children and the world.


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