Now Is the Time!

Blur of Time
Photo Credit: 2016 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

Now, is the time!

Look to this day, 
for it is life, 
the very breath of life. 
In its brief course lie 
all the realities of your existence; 
the bliss of growth, 
the glory of action, 
the splendor of beauty. 
For yesterday is only a dream, 
and tomorrow is but a vision. 
But today, well lived, 
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, 
and every tomorrow 
a vision of hope. 
Look well, therefore, to this day. (Kalidasa, Ancient Sanskrit)

This ancient Hindu quote has been rewritten in many forms. Regardless of how it is read, the message is simple.  Live in the moment.

Today is where our minds and hearts must be in order to make the memories of the past and to the create visions of tomorrow.  If we linger too long in either the past or the future, we miss out on opportunities in the present.  Think about it...

The work-a-holic misses out on gatherings with family and friends, meaningful conversations about life and the simple joy of just being.  The person consumed by grief or abuse or despair misses out, too, because they are so busy reliving what has happened, good or bad, before.  

I challenge you. Get quiet for a moment. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath - slowly - in...and out. Open your eyes, your heart and your mind.  Now, look around you.  What do you see?  What has missed your attention?  What have you taken for granted? 

Now is really all the time we have.  What's done, is done.  What will be, may never come.  NOW is the time!  Let us love, laugh, help, live to the fullest. 



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