In Anticipation of Our Hopes Fulfilled

 New Grange, Ireland - were the sun lights up the tomb during the winter solstice.
Photo Credit: R. J. Welch (late 1800's)

For Christians around the world, this Sunday is the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Advent, a season of anticipation...of hope.  

In many other cultures and spiritual paths, this time of year is also a season of anticipation, of hope and of new or rebirth.  Humans from the earliest of times anticipated the return of the sun in the northern hemisphere, thereby creating the connection to Light at this time of year.  They hoped that their harvest would last throughout the long, dark winter days. They awaited the new birth of life to the fields, with their animals and even within their communities.

As our longest day - the Winter Solstice - is celebrated this week , along with the other Holy days of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, let us ponder what we are anticipating, what we are hoping for and how we can become part of the birthing of Peace, Love and Light in this New Year.

May we all carry into the New Year the blessed gifts of Love, Hope and Peace!


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