Within YOU!

"The kingdom of God could be realized simply by daring to live differently from the normal conventions. The kingdom of God in the teachings of Jesus was not an apocalyptic or heavenly projection of otherworldly desire. It was driven by a desire to think that there must be a better way to live together than the present state of affairs. And it called for a change of behavior in the present on the part of individuals invested in the vision." Burton L. Mack

I was in seminary when I finally understood the quote from the Gospel of Luke, "The Kingdom of God is within you, now." We search and search, but what we dream of is here.  Too often, by the time we realize this, the time to enjoy reveling in the knowledge is too short.

We, humans, are born with the ability to create the world we live in. We can create a world of peace and compassion or a world of hate and pain. The choice is ours.  

Thing is, we must begin within, for there is where the Source lies. We must see through the fog of apathy and complacency deep into the heart of the forest. Once we can find our own inner Peace, then we can share it with the world.  Once we can find Love for self, then we can Love others.  Once we can find Happiness in simply "being," then we can bring happiness to all around us.

May we all take time, in the weeks ahead, to go within. May we travel through the fog, until we find our own fearless spark of Light, kindle it and, once blazing, share it with the world.

Blessings to all!


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