Together We Are Strong

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For many of us, the world seems overwhelmingly needy. Everyday, there is a new cause to champion, a new place to focus our interests and resources. We often feel overwhelmed and lost.

Let me say, I am talking from my own experience. I want to help make the world better, but there is so much work to do, I often feel like I am drowning in requests for aid. I am only one person. However...

A dear teacher once told me that alone we have limits, but together, we can move mountains. In a chorale, the soloist relies on the chorus for the rich melodies and harmonies that make a performance outstanding. In art, an artist must bring colors together - one pigment does not make for an interesting painting. In life, a person must rely on the assistance of others from birth through death.

This week, when things become overwhelming, stop and think. Who is of like mind? Who can you share the burden with at this moment?  Where can you go to feel the support of others?

We are not alone. We simply need to remember to reach for the others hand and move forward. Together, we are strong!


My thanks to Jools Holland and Sam Brown for the inspiration found in their song. Blessings!


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