Entwined - photo by L.M.Neas

Scientist recently released a study that said that trees communicate with each other through their root systems. One tree becomes linked to all the other trees in the forest by means of soil fungi and neighboring plants. This got me to thinking...

The grandmother trees in the forests of our world are connected one to the other across acres and acres of land. We humans are also connected one to the other through thousands of millions of DNA strands. 

Just as a tree has one core but many branches fed by many roots, we humans have a common essence but our branches and the roots that feed us are many. This idea fueled my thoughts further...

Mother's Day is difficult for many people for various reasons. Some people have had no relationship with their mother, others have had painful and abusive relationships. For those people, I offer this.

Think about the people, female or male, that nurtured you. Many children had a Dad who supported them. Some people have been blessed with aunts/uncles, sisters/brothers, grandparents and cousins who have cared for them. Still others have had complete strangers step up to give them the guidance, love and understanding they needed at a particular time in their lives. These people have "mothered," too!  

In fact, looking back on 60 plus years of life, I can see that, while my mother was the first person to hold, feed, and love me, I was blessed by many, many "mothering" souls, to whom I am most grateful.

May we all remember the blessings of those who nurtured us on our journey through this life, whether they be the mother of their birth or a mother of their heart and soul. 



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