More Than Words

Someone told their elder that they didn't pray. Curious, the elder asked why. The person told the elder that they were never taught any prayers. So, the elder asked the person what they said when they saw something beautiful. The person replied, "Oh God, how beautiful." The elder next asked what did the person say when they wanted to show their love for someone. Looking at the elder like she was totally crazy, the person said, "I say, I love you."

The elder stood quiet for a second. With a huge smile, she lifted her head and said, "Then, you pray all the time!"


Prayer is conversation with the Creator, the Divine, the Source of All. Conversation isn't a canned script. Conversation is the exchange of words to express ideas and feelings as well as the sound of the words, facial expressions, gestures and unconscious thoughts. A simple, "Thank You," can be the catalyst for a conversation that lasts a lifetime.

But how does the Almighty speak to me, you may ask? Many ways! In the silence of your the emptiness between the glory of a the passion of a the song of the wind and trees and the sweet scent of a a a the promise of a newborn in your arms.  

Prayer is more than words. Prayer is seeing, feeling, touching, smelling, hearing, knowing. Our every action can be an active prayer when done mindfully and with the intent to share love with others.

No need to fall on your knees.  No need to echo words that have lost meaning to you.  No need to sit in a particular building.  With mindfulness and loving-kindness,  you become a living, breathing prayer. 



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